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Performance of Tissue Culture and Sucker Derived Planting Materials of Banana cv. Cardaba, Latundan PDF Print E-mail
Written by Administrator   
Monday, 18 February 2008 15:37

A study was undertaken to compare the performance of the tissue-culture derived planting materials with those coming from suckers in conjunction with different management practices.

Several sites around Davao City were surveyed and selected.  These were in Binugao, Biao Guianga and Malagos.  Before planting , the said areas were plowed and harrowed alternately.  Tissue culture derived plants, about 30-45 cm in height and corms were planted  at a distance of 3 x 3 m for Latundan and Lakatan and 5 x 5 m for Cardaba.

Two management practices were superimposed namely;  1)  Recommended practice and 2) Farmers’ practice.  The recommended practice consisted of stem and mat sanitation, de-leafing , desuckering and fertilization (1.2 kg/hill/year) while the farmers’ practice depends on the usual management practice being done in the area.

The treatments used were as follows:  1)  Tissue-culture derived planting materials + Recommended practice (TC + RP);  Tissue-culture derived planting materials + Farmers’ practice (TC + FP);  3)  Sucker-derived planting materials + Recommended practice (Skr + RP); and 4)  Sucker-derived planting materials + Farmers’ practice (Skr + FP).

Data on selected vegetative and reproductive characters were taken on the plant crop and the first follower.

Result showed that plants coming from tissue-culture perform better if not equally to those coming from suckers.  Early and uniform suckering were observed to occur in tissue-culture derived plants resulting in an earlier harvest of the follower crop.  Incidence of morphological variation was also observed e.g. 1)  reddish pigmentation in Lakatan (0.55%) and  2)  Twisting of the leaf sheath in Latundan (2.08%).  In addition, the type of cultural management practices employed exerted  dominant influence on the growth performance and bunch weight regardless of the type of planting materials.

Espino, R. R. C., O.C. Pascua, L.V. Magnaye, and V.L. Loquias.  1991.  Performance of Tissue Culture and Sucker Derived Planting Materials of Banana cv. Cardaba, Latundan and Lakatan.    Bureau of Plant Industry – Davao National Crop Research and Development Center, Bago Oshiro, Davao City.  Telefax  (082) 293-0108.

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