Virtual farming becomes real at

Do you remember the Farmville game on Facebook that was too popular and most played before Candy Crush came in and literally crushed all the players of the game. Well is a new real life application that you play online while the harvesting and farming takes place in real on a farm according to Teodulo Otoman II of the Sproads Website Solution (Sproads being a website developer).

Virtual farming FarmOn

While the app was originally developed to help great entrepreneurs to go back towards farming, the app has now been reinstated to provide a virtual space where people shall invest and manage their real life farming through a real farm management system so that real farm experience can be gained in the given virtual world. They can design their own farm using the internet after starting with registering on and the entrepreneurs can join through the button that was last activated on 15th June.

Virtual Gameplay
The size of the land, the crops or even the livestock to have on the farm can be chosen from a wide given variety in each of these categories. The design is then implemented by a local farmer’s group that has been provided by the virtual farmer while the responsibility from planting to harvesting is done by them for you. Additional agriculturists are also provided to teach the virtual farmer of innovative farming methods too as the farms can be updated any time through the Internet and the execution by the local farmers can be incorporated again.
The virtual farm also develops as the livestock and the crops etc also grow while any queries by the virtual farmer are addressed through the chat box that is available in the application for the same besides a live video which is also provided as live updates for farm monitoring. As the game is almost real, therefore a guaranteed ROI is also deemed by Otoman so that people who don’t have access to farms but want to be entrepreneurs can enjoy their interest really well.

In order to make the experience even more real, a two-hectare location in Santiago City, Isabela has been used with expansion as the game progresses as this location does not get flooded easily even during the monsoon seasonas it is heavily surrounded by mountains.

The concept of socialism and community help is also greatly reflected in this game as the virtual farm not only helps him but also helps the community to get jobs as the local farmers develop it too.

How to Get the Game?
For all those who want to join the game and be a part of this awesome reality, they can visit in order to register for the fee while the initial registration is limited to 200 people only at least for the beginning. In order to let the people, know more about the ROI (Return On Investment) factor, a sample of the ROI has been already posted on the website for the same.

The game is soon to hit the market and the enthusiastic virtual farmers formerly in September as the registration is already in process. Virtual games are going to be the next trend in gaming market. Newly release Nintendo game Pokemon Go has a worldwide hit soon after its release in specific countries. You can visit website for more info.

Best Apps for Farming Business 2016

The pleasant smell of freshly grown mint and baby tomatoes popping in the farm always seems the best thing ever to a professional farmer! In this fact paced digital world, agricultural farmers should update themselves with smart phone apps frenzy that is going to last for a longer duration I believe! These latest and trending apps will take your farming experience beyond expectations.

Best Apps for Farming Business 2016

Beginning in 2010, there were about 300,000 apps released to enhance the agricultural experience. The number of agricultural apps has now mushroomed up to 1.5 million agricultural apps found on both Apple App Store and Google Play Store. This whopping yet dramatic increase in the number of farming apps has turned many people to taste. Leaving the old primitively used methods taught by ancestors, modern farmers are making smart move by utilizing incredible mobile apps to pour in relevant agricultural tricks and tips to boost it. Well, it’s relatively tough in farmer’s busy life to sort down the best agricultural and farming apps and make a choice accordingly among the exponentially growing number of uncountable agricultural apps being released every now and then.

Knowing the fact that it’s pretty tough to successfully wade through the recent and most downloaded agricultural apps that will bring in more productivity to your agricultural business, we have sorted the few new best agricultural apps for 2016 for you! After a round of evaluation and research, we have made our way to list of new best agricultural and farming apps for this year that are compatible with Androids, iPads, iPhone and much more to stay on the top of the game.

It’s time to download apps for earth!

Grain Tracker

Do you wish to be notified about harvesting-time of your dearly planted crops? This app is featured because of its great user friendly interface and keeps you connected with the facility of crop field to office data transferring. Grain Tracker is a full fledged app compatible with Android, IPad, iPhone that will provide agricultural producers with a hassle free harvesting farming experience with wireless functionality.

My New Holland

As the name suggests, My New Holland is specially designed Holland based producers and farmers offering the facility of retrieving information though their smart phones and tablets via this fully functional app. It offers a customized online work station from where agriculturalists can access video tutorials and seek great farming tips from Experts. Along with that, users can also register their agricultural machinery on their profile to obtain user manuals and other helpful content for operating equipments effectively.

Just In Time Plant Nutrient Calculator

This useful software promises to aid farming by offering a proper crop-nutrition concept. The best feature of Just In Time Plant Nutrient Calculator is it work without Wi-Fi so it’s 100% easier to carry to your own farming field to make successful decisions. Promoting the implementation of Soludrip water-infused fertilizers, it will give you the exact dose for nutrient solutions to every crop that you have planted.


AgDNA app is back with a bang! With more innovative and update features it’s recommended as the best agricultural and farming app for 2016. It promises to provide the best farming solutions to agricultural and producers all across the globe. This modified app serves as room for recording weather patterns, clay loam and soil quality, seeding records to enhance productivity of each acre on our farm. Producers here are given free hand to mark their productivity for every month, glance over trending seed sowing tricks and get real-time geo spatial accurate weather updates to know about your crops and how will they grow up to their fullest in prevailing scenario. This app is compatible with Android, IPad, iPhones and Tablets as well.


Another amazing app is Cropalyser, which helps farmer to recognize harmful pests and diseases prevailing in the field especially on vegetable crops. Carrots, cabbages, onions and beet root serves as an eye candy to plenty of pests making their way into the farmer’s field. This app has a built in search bar that is useful to point out the symptoms of diseases in planted crops, prevention of sticky pests, keeping a check on growth crops and follow up.

Bonus Reading: Also check for buying subscriptions or extra content (such as in-app currency, a full game unlock, or bonus content) in the Google Play and iTunes Store.

Agriculture in Mindanao, Philippines

The Philippines is an agricultural country and export various kinds of agricultural goods in all over the world. Mindanao is the second largest region of the country and plays an important role in the agriculture sector by contributing 14 percent of the total GDP. The fertilize land has 37,657 mi² area and have 21.58 million population. The majority of the population is associated with the agriculture sector and working as farmers. According to a rough estimation, 500,000 hectares of the land is reserved for export plantation and the government has introduced various programs to increase the productivity as well.

Agriculture in Mindanao Philippines

Importance of Agriculture

Mindanao has many contributions in agriculture and has the importance like the backbone in the country’s economy. The employment rate of the region is also higher than any other region as providing 48.8% of the employment while the other sectors like food department are contributing 7.6% of employment. The better agriculture facilities have opened the new ways of tourism and prosperity as more number of businessmen and tourists are visiting the region. After the renovation of the agriculture sector, the tourism revenue has increased 17%.

Plenty of Natural Resources

All the regions of the Philippines are naturally abundant with natural resources while the land is very fertile and capable of cultivating all kinds of crops. SOCKSARGGEN, Northern Mindanao, Zamboanga, ARRM, Davao, and Caraga are the six regions which produce rice, barley, corn, pineapple, banana and coconut as major crops while they also produce organic agriculture products like rubber and coffee. In the international market, the products hold a special place and has high demand as well. The agriculture department is introducing new agriculture trends to increase the productivity as it will also increase more opportunities for the farmers and workers. The wages of the farmers have also increased while foreigner experts often visit the region.

Multinational Rule

Two multinational companies Dole and Del Monte are controlling the large sector of the land and exporting 20 percent of banana and fresh fruits to all over the world. Similarly, a Japanese and American company is producing rubber and coffee. Thousands of local farmers and workers are paying their services in these multinational companies. In order to support these companies and increase the opportunities for employment, Rafael Mariano, who is the chairperson of Kilusang Magbubukid ng Pilipinas (KMP) has announced to give an exemption from the government land reforms and has reduced the tax rate as well.

Future Agriculture Goals

Back in 2010, the Mindanao Development Authority introduced a Development Framework Plan, which presented a simple success formula ‘peace+energy= prosperity’. The plan is applicable for the year 2030 which aimed to discuss and take help from other countries. Ask them to join and visit the agricultural regions, increase peace level by joining hands with NGOs and highlight the economic opportunities in the region. In order to make the sector independent and stable, electricity blackouts will reduce and meetings will arrange to discuss the implementation of the plan in the coming years. Pineapple and coffee production will be increased to improve the overall GDP.